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I belonged to an Indian middle-class family, and pursued my MBA from one of the prestigious universities of India. Being born in a middle-class family, I was always educated to look for a secure job, where I could properly make my ends meet. But I had dreams, dreams which I wanted to make true, and its rightly said, “those who dreams most, do the most”, and this is what I did, I dreamt to become a well-known entrepreneur. I am Sanjeev Bhatt, the owner of the Indian MNC brand Radico, and this is my journey of success.

I was really passionate about international business, since I had stepped in the professional world. My first business venture was in exports, where I dealt with exporting Indian handicrafts. It is said that perseverance pays off in the long run, and though I learned various marketing exercises through my export venture, it is also true that the same did not ripe me any such profits.

Hence, I moved on to another venture, of exporting henna. Being an Indian, our love for henna is immense. But the study and the processes which go into making henna is not at all easy. I wanted to educate the world about it, and hence I started my business of exporting henna. Since I was the only person in my family to build such business, I did not have much knowledge about the market, loans and other stuff. To be true, there were also times, when my friends and family started deserting me, the reason being, their lack of faith in my venture. But hard work is the key to success. My passion for export business, did not let me ever give up.

My business witnessed a ray of hope, when I received a positive trade enquiry from Japan. Though the samples I sent were rejected it made me learn that demand for natural hair colour in the Japanese market is immense. I came to learn that Japanese buyer wanted to introduce a natural hair colour in the Japanese market as the people there were very health conscious who were looking for an alternative to chemical hair dyes. This made me hire several professionals who later formulated new hair dyes of different hues using natural henna. Hence, I received my first order for a sum of just US$270.

After the success in Japanese market, I tried to introduce my products in the US market. To convince the US customers, I even hired a consultant to help me in designing and making a small machine which could manufacture such design stencils and templates. This is how my body decoration products division started with a bang in the US market and proved to be an instant hit.

It is rightly said, innovation is the way to success. But, renovation of existing product also works and has an equally good effect. So, my idea of success was to renovate the old traditional henna, and then present it to the customers.

With time, Radico expanded its activities to many other countries too. Radico’s next innovation was its unique product “Bindi”. We introduced it as ‘Crystal tattoo and body dots’, which brought us clients from Germany and other European countries. I am proud that I brought Indian henna and Bindi on the world map.

As times changed, technology got introduced. Similarly, at Radico, we switched over to email for quicker communication with customers around the globe. when Radico launched its website, the country had only about 35,000 internet users. Moreover, Radico was probably the first Indian website on henna. As during that time, USA had the maximum numbers of internet users, our company witnessed hundreds of enquiries daily through email, most of them from the USA alone.

Later in 2001, Radico opened their first overseas office in Los Angeles, USA. This was a warehouse and office for Radico which thus became an India-based multinational company. Gradually, we also opened small offices in Italy and China too.

My focus is always on creating products which are not only price-efficient, but also have good quality. This has made me win several awards in the business community, for my performance in Industry for quality products, good business ethics and commitment to long-term business relationship. In 2001, I was awarded with the Arch of Europe Gold Star Award. I also received the award in recognition of ‘Best Performance, 2001-2002’ from the Council of International Awards, UK. Niryat Shiromani award for export in India in year 2003. Our promise to deliver good quality products has made us recipient of several awards in the category of best company in the organic cosmetics, best quality award for organic hair colours and more.

Today I am a proud owner of a medium-sized India-based multinational company. With a good brand name and just two factories, our products have presence in 100 + countries across the globe. Radico entered the Indian market also recently two years back and is expanding fast with growth of organic shops in country. The brand is available in more than 550 organic stores out of total approx. 600 organic stores in India.

But this isn’t the end. We have many new projects in the pipeline line like organic cosmetics, organic cultivation, opening a chain of small organic retail outlets in India and abroad, organic food products, solar energy, environmental conservation, etc.




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