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Wonder – a kitchen that comes to you

A new start-up venture called Wonder was started by Marc Lore and Chad Lore is a part food truck, part ghost kitchen. Marc lore is known for creating innovative E-commerce businesses and selling them to corporate giants like Amazon and Walmart. He formerly worked at Walmart looking at the overseas E-commerce divisions. With the headquarters of Wonder in Cranford, New Jersey, the newfound business is still in a stealth mode and only serves in the areas of Westfield, New Jersey.

The startup idea is equipped with mobile kitchens, trained chefs, and brings ingredients in tow. The goal of the business is to deliver food that’s still piping hot when it reaches the front door. A major advantage of this business is that it eliminates the pitfalls of options like take-outs, which often make the food soggy. Moving on, the kitchen on wheels has garnered multiple responses from its clients. Some are in favor of the idea and others, criticizing the company’s policy of serving in a limited area.

Quoting the words of one of the wonder's customers, “The amount of trucks almost feels like the town has been taken over by these trucks. All of sudden it’s like Gremlins- like these trucks are everywhere.”

The growing demand of the business is also a reason that the meals are often sold off quickly leaving the potential customers hungry and looking for an alternative. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a large change was seen in the food industry. A mixed response was seen in various businesses. Like Goldbelly, an e-commerce site that ships restaurant and bakery goods in the USA, saw its customer count had nearly doubled in 2020. Meanwhile, Blue Apron, a meal kit company saw a subsequent amount of losses in each quarter, but finally, in July it posted its first profitable quarter since it went public in 2017.

Particularly speaking about the conditions prevailing in the United States, people still prefer dine-in or take-out. But due to the ongoing pandemic, there had been changes in people’s demand. Ghost kitchens that prepare food solely for delivery have grown more popular. According to a survey it was found out that thirty-five percent of people said they have turned to order from a ghost kitchen during the pandemic, more than they did before.

Start-up businesses like The Wonder are a way to reach consumers at home, which were once regarded as nonpopular, have gained immensely popular, during lockdowns to fight the contagion.




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