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Why are start-ups the prime target for hackers?

With digital becoming the new normal for everyone from teachers to sales, everyone has become used to this new way of communication. All this has paved a way for new tech start-ups in ethical hacking, as local now becomes the new global as business giants are moving towards India to work with these tech firms. The concern here lies that since hackers are very keen on collecting information of Indian users, most of our smaller businesses are unprotected. They generally have cash assigned to them, but it is only for development, not for their security.

Following are the main reasons that cause potential hacking into a company's system.

Negligent attitude on company's behalf

Small businesses are often snobbish about their security. Since their activities aren't carried out on a high level, they believe that they are protected from any kind of attack. But the truth is the opposite. Since they generally suffer from a lack of capital, they are among the prime targets of hackers. Hackers might use the employee records which include their details and later sell them in the underground market.

Lack of knowledge

Since digitalization is becoming the key aspect of every daily activity, cybersecurity is becoming essential at all stages. As per the report, the importance of cybersecurity is facing lacking awareness in various verticals. These namely account for Application Development Security, Cloud Security, Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, Data Privacy, and Security. All these constitute 43% of the wastage of labor. To reduce this, awareness, trainings and relevant internships must be offered. Additionally, government institutions need to work together along with tech companies and educational institutions to enhance a better and specialized cybersecurity team.

Upgraded IoT infrastructure

The number of internet-affiliated gadgets will probably increase in the coming future. Therefore, to avoid any consequences later, the organizations should adopt a zero-trust approach-one that lets them continually monitor and validate the access privileges and rights of the user and their device.

Obsolete technology

Small or medium businesses need to have a more secure digital framework which they often avoid due to lack of capital. Even after having ample money, using obsolete technology is one of the prime reasons that hackers can easily engage in their company's records.




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