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Top 10 health tech companies of India

The Healthcare sector has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, both in terms of revenue and employment. It consists of businesses that provide medical services, medical insurance, manufactures medical equipment or drugs, or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients.

Healthtech is one of the fastest-growing verticals in the healthcare sector. It includes technology-enabled healthcare products and services that can be delivered or consumed outside of a hospital or physician’s office. Healthtech companies also provide mobility and other information technologies to improve delivery services. The objective of health tech companies is to create patient-centric healthcare through tech solutions like cloud computing and internet services.

The outbreak of covid-19 has made us realize the inadequacy of the world's healthcare system. As countries from around the globe witnessed their healthcare systems getting collapsed, they navigated towards technology to provide them solutions.

Here is a list of the most successful health tech start-ups in India.

1. PharmEasy

  • Founded in 2015.

  • Founders- Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah.

  • Headquarters- Mumbai, India.

  • Funding – USD 872M.

  • It serves as an online pharmacy and ensures hassle-free delivery of medicine and other medical equipment.

  • It also provides an option to the users to search and book for diagnostic tests with home samples collection.

2. Practo

  • Founded in 2008.

  • Founders- Shashank N and Abhinav Lal.

  • Headquarters- Bangalore, India.

  • Funding- USD 251M.

  • An online platform that benefits both patients and doctors.

  • It enables patients to browse through doctor's profiles and book confirmed appointments accordingly.

  • Also provides a feature of chat-based teleconsultation.

  • The platform has a subscription-based cloud product, Practo Ray that enables doctors and clinics to manage their practice and a reputation management solution.

3. Innovaccer

  • Founded in 2014.

  • Founders- Abhinav Shashank, Sandeep Gupta, and Kanav Hasija.

  • Headquarters- San Francisco, USA and an office in Noida, India.

  • Funding- USD 228M.

  • It is an AI-based patient health data analytics platform.

  • They have developed a data activation cloud-based platform that collects, analyzes, and provides insights into a patient's health.

  • Laid with multiple features such as virtual care networks, remote patient monitoring, and others.

4. Indegene

  • Founded in 1998.

  • Founders - Dr. Rajesh Nair, Manish Gupta, Dr. Sanjay Parikh, Anand Kiran, and Gaurav Kapoor.

  • Headquarters - Princeton, USA, and office in Ahmedabad, India.

  • Funding- USD 220M.

  • The company provides a cluster of health reforms solutions to payers and providers in North America.

  • Their payer solutions portfolio includes Transformation, Care Management, Member Acquisition and Engagement, Healthcare Analytics, Medicare analyzing and provider solutions portfolio comprises of transformation services, outcomes improvement, patient engagement, and analytics.

5. Axtria

  • Founded in 2010.

  • Founders - Jaswinder Chadha.

  • Headquarters- Berkeley height, USA and office at Haryana, India.

  • Funding -USD 209M.

  • The company provides data analytics and software platforms to help its clients in sales, marketing, customer, revenue, risk, and supply chain management.

  • It also provides platforms for sales and marketing that help clients in extending their services.

  • Their services also extend to HR analytics, procurement, spend analytics, and supply chain analytics and in industry verticals too.

6. MedGenome

  • Founded in 2013.

  • Founders - Sam Santhosh.

  • Headquarters - Bangalore, India.

  • Funding - USD 153M.

  • The health-tech start-up offers clinical genomics services for Indian pharma, hospitals, and clinics and genomics bioinformatics to global pharma, research, and diagnostics organizations.

  • Their technology is used by physicians and hospitals to pinpoint patients' mutation hotspots, identify prevalent cancer types, and many more.

7. HealthKart

  • Founded in 2011.

  • Founders - Sameer Maheshwari and Prashant Tandon.

  • Headquarters - Gurgaon, India.

  • Funding - USD 89M.

  • It is an online store that supplies health, sport, and nutritional supplements.

  • Their products fall under the categories such as Vitamins and Supplements, Ayurveda and Herbs, health food and drive, fitness, wellness, and sports nutrition.

8. Portea

  • Founded in 2013.

  • Founders - Meena Ganesh.

  • Headquarters - Bangalore, India.

  • Funding - USD 86M.

  • They provide in-home healthcare services in India.

  • Their connections with hospitals and individuals allow an easy flow of service of home visits by clinics.

  • Their prime focus lies on geriatric, post-operative, chronic diseases, and primary care treatments.

9. MedFin

  • Founded in 2016.

  • Founders- Arjun Kumar, Arun Kumar and Sidharth Gurjar.

  • Headquarters- Bangalore, India.

  • Funding- USD 77M.

  • MedFin is an online platform for listing medical procedures, hospitals, and clinics.

  • The start-up allows users to search for the required surgery and get information about relevant surgeons, hospitals, costs, and EMI options.

  • Their feature also enables users to book a consultation with doctors enlisted on the site.

10. Ascent Health and Wellness Solutions

  • Founded in 2012.

  • Founders- Siddharth Shah, Hardik Dedhia, and Harsh Parekh.

  • Headquarters- Mumbai, India.

  • Funding- USD 75M.

  • The pharma supply-chain company offers health and wellness solutions.

  • It aims to create a strong and fragmented pharma distribution industry.




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