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The mystery of pipes of taps leads to a $5 million company

Raymond Onovwigun stepped out from his home to become a lawyer or a doctor, a dream which his mother wanted. But no sooner he got inspired by Charles Mullins, he dropped out from his university in London, England, and took up plumbing. The journey from an economics dropout to the CEO of Romco Metals had a lot of mysteries of pipes and taps owing to Raymond’s 6’9” frame making him employ other people in this business.

Romco Metals is a UK multinational non-ferrous metal recycler. The company was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in the UK. The firm started its operations in a small factory and now operates in three countries, over two continents, with two factories.

The company aims to reduce the global dependence on mining by using the process of recycling to enhance a sustainable future. Mining causes a lot of environmental damage. It results in soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, or contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface water by the chemicals emitted during the mining process. The carbon emission during the process also causes harm to human health and biodiversity.

Romco collects renewable waste from landfills. Later, they recycle and refine these into usable materials. These recycled products can then be used in manufacturing medical equipment, construction supplies, vehicles, and packaging. To create a sustainable future investment in new processes isn't the only key. It also requires boldness and persistent growth. Hence its pillars of growth are integrity, boldness, efficiency, and sustainability.

The proverb, “killing two birds with a stone” stands true with the firm’s vision. Not only they are fulfilling the demand for massive energy but also promoting energy conservation with an ambition to invest in recycling metals.

With growth as their ultimate motive, they even plan to set foot in other eco-related verticals. Some of their plans include carbon capture bricks for local communities, river plastic capture, solar and bio-diesel energy conservation installations, and "ending single-use-plastic" initiatives.




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