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The drivers of customer service; the three P’s

Do you know what decides the fate of an organization?

It is the number of customers which are satisfied with its services.

Even a single negative comment is enough to ruin a company’s reputation. With that being said, customer service is an essential requirement in a firm to ensure customer satisfaction. A customer feels happy with your service only if they feel like you are treating them as you would treat your own family. Moreover, a good customer is likely to recommend your services to others and thus, help to enhance your reputation in the industry.

But what is customer service? It is basically, the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. Customer service concerns the priority an organization assigns to customer service relative to components such as product innovation and pricing. When talking about customer service, it is hard to know where exactly should we focus on, while considering improvement. There are many questions which arise, relating to adjustment of customer support hours, evaluation of customer-service approach, hiring of more customer-facing employees and so on. However, the prime concern which rises is that, “what are the three most important qualities of customer service?”

The three P’s of customer service; professionalism, patience and people-first attitude

  • Professionalism is arguably the most basic and the first one we’re expected to demonstrate when entering the workplace. However, when serving a frustrated customer, staying poised can be easier said than done, and, ultimately, it takes practice and experience to ensure you are confident and level-headed at all times. You can consider the following components to maintain professionalism in customer service.

  1. Stay cool, calm and collected

  2. Learn from your bad customer experiences

  3. Treat your employees as well as you treat your customers

When a customer’s happiness is valued more than employee’s happiness, the latter tends to decrease. At that point, if employees are unhappy, they can no longer help customers become happy. Essentially, the business owner built the entire customer service strategy on a cracked foundation.

  • If professionalism is the foundation of a good customer service strategy, patience is its frame. It is one of the key components of any interaction with a customer and, without it; a calm interaction can quickly become problematic. Consequently, the importance of patience, with yourself, your team members, and your customers, cannot be understated. You can follow the below ways to practice patience when dealing with customers.

  1. Be flexible with the company protocols when dealing with a customer. Even though there are certain service guidelines which companies and employees need to follow, but sometimes a customer may require a helping hand to achieve the same experience you provide for the average customer. This exceptional service requires stepping out of your standard rules to lend your hand.

  2. You should allow customers to work at their own pace. Understand that every customer is unique; there is no one-size-fit-all approach for customers.

  3. Practice self- care after tough customer experiences. Providing services to customers can be tiring. They may drain you physically and mentally. Self-care for employees is important. Any company that’s added self-care in their employee programme is CHG Healthcare. Starting in 2016, they focus on managing inevitable stress, offering employees free counselling, and mental health care.

  4. The biggest factors in high-quality services relates to basic humanity. Everyone likes to be heard. Whenever you talk to the customers, they always try to convey their complete message to you. Thus, ask yourself this question, “do my customers feel heard and understood when they voice a concern?” “Do they feel valued and appreciated when they make a purchase?” and “Do they know that my team and I view them as a person, not a sale?”

How can an employee ensure that their customers are being heard, what approach can they use?

  • Empathize with your customer. Whether they are calm or combative, in many cases, customers aren’t just complaining because of a concern for your product or service. Like all of us, they’re also juggling personal and professional concerns. Being empathetic towards your customer guarantees to make them feel heard, increasing the chance they turn into a regular.

  • Another component of a people-first attitude is personalizing and connecting with customers. One opportunity to create a personal connection is through client gifts. A personalized gift is a physical representation of your attitude towards your customers. It shows that you care about them as an individual, understand their interests, and value their support. You can consider family fun packages like tickets to an amusement park or concert or customized office item, such as candy jar, custom tumbler or any item which they can use every day.

  • Consider the platinum rule. This rule implies, “learning to really understand other people and then handling them in a way that’s best for them, not just for us.” It means taking the time to figure out the people around us, and then adjusting our behavior to make them more comfortable. When you make your customers comfortable, it not only shows that you’re investing in each customer individually, but it also encourages customers to monetarily invest in the company’s products and services.

By using these 3P’s in your business, you can truly ensure to create a better high-quality customer service.




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