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Proper IT Investment through partnering with reliable IT solutions provider

Why does a company need an IT solution? And when?

This is a tricky question that most companies are not considering when evaluating an IT solution. The second question makes it more difficult to answer and obvious answer would be, when company allocate the budget for it.

Such answers will end up with poor decisions or they will implement a solution that company doesn’t want and same time it will not be ideal for the whole organization.

The reasons for these decisions they brought later as excuses are below.

“Our business is so unique. We need a tailor-made solution”

“We can do everything inhouse, will create an ERP from scratch”

“We were not having enough time to evaluate the best system for us”

“We have lot of secured data; we can’t put them in to a system/can’t use third party to do it”

Many organizations, even conglomerates are not aware of how to cope with above reasons.

Below explains how an organization should start IT investment.

1. What makes our organization to search for an IT solution?

First, we need to analyze and list down the current issues we have in the company. Ideally, this should be done as an internal effort as the best people to identify problems, bottlenecks, obstacles are the one who work in the company.

On the other hand, there might be issues where those are not identified as problems internally. They live with it, and no one internally could identify it.

2. Partnering with a proper IT solution Provider

Organizations do believe their IT department will be able to find the best IT solution for them. But this has many constraints where they have limited knowledge either in their business industry or providing IT solutions/best practices in this dynamic IT world.

If this first stage is narrowed down, the entire plan and the result will not be favorable to the organization.

The organization should initially do an analysis with their experience and before concluding the result, they should seek a proper IT solution provider who has wide knowledge in their industry and also in various IT Technologies. If this company has a broad spectrum of solutions, the IT department and the partner can together conclude a better solution which will be having best IT practices in the market.

3. Selection of suitable IT solution Provider

This might be a difficult task to the IT department as they might carried away with the marketing tactics. But below explain how you can do this.

You need a good friend rather than a contractor or a supplier, IT solution provider who treat their “customer as a friend”. What I want to emphasize here is, a true advisor. IT department has their list of known issues and challenges where this solution provider can start with and go up to unknown threats and challenges where the IT department is not aware of. Company can carefully evaluate the advises and evaluate whether that partner adopt a “one size fits all” IT solution or rather providing comprehensive overall solutions. Advices should contain market references with similar businesses with similar challenges as company faced.

The organization will not be in same size in next 5 years, check whether this party talks about Scalability. How far you can go with this solution suggested.

If you implement an IT solution or change your infrastructure you need to think about the Data Security and the provision of the Security aspect.

Even though you adopt to the best business practices in your industry, there should be few tailor-made requests for your organization. If this partner talks about configurability options based on your custom needs, you can make a good assumption that this advisor is having good practical business experience.

Many companies now talk about IT solutions outside their business premises. “Accessibility”

Solution should be broadened irrespective of the location/restricted network area.

The most important fact that organization see will be the price of the total solution. But here we must advise not to select IT decision only with the price. This is another chaos most companies realize within very short time after they get the decisions, but that will be too late to reverse.

Solution should include the Training and Support and to what extent this knowledge is obtainable to the IT department. What is the partner’s involvement and how should they work together with the IT department?

Finally, the “Trust”. It might be too risky to trust within initial meet ups, but this could be built up over the time. But for the benefit of both and to secure the interests of both parties everything should start up with good legal framework keeping provisions for terminating decisions.

4. Solutions to consider in the conclusion

· Integrate current systems robustly

· Cloud options

· Accelerate current hardware

· Process Automations


· Two Tier ERP solutions

5. Let’s evaluate the ROI

It is undoubtedly visible when the IT solution is built to meet the precise needs of a company. The company can accelerate its efficiency and performance. This can be measured using current tools and the tools provided by the solution. Standing ahead in the market can easily outperform their competitors.

6. Why SEBSA as your IT Partner?

SEBS® is a Systems Integrator provides services related ERP suites, mainly IFS Applications®, Oracle®, SAP® and NXTGEN® ERP Solutions. The Services provided by SEBSA® includes implementation, upgrade, support services, modifications, configurations, user training and end user support.

SEBSA® further helps its customers streamline their business processes and adopt industry best practices to achieve strategic objectives. We currently have customers from twelve countries.

We have ventured out into the world of generic IT products to evolve ourselves as a formidable technology company. By association of an already skilled and motivated technical staff with our ability to understand business processes across multiple industry verticals, we have achieved the correct synergy to solution and deliver tailor made IT solutions to any organization of any scale.




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