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New world, new opportunities- Saudi women get easy entry to workspace now

It seems like the world’s largest exporter of crude can no longer afford the luxury of keeping women at home. Considering Saudi Arabia as a conservative Islamic nation, it is not a daily sight to see women outnumbering men, especially at workplaces. The crown prince Mohammad bin Salman 35, has announced his plans to bring drastic changes in the economy. One of them is to introduce women to the working sector. With the economy being taken apart, the government is being forced to cut down on the dependency on oil and gasoline subsidies and increase taxes. All these new changes are now leading to Saudi households becoming dependent on women working.

Even though gender segregation is strictly followed in the nation, the move made by the president is dissolving the bridge between them. The scenario is not just in the metro cities but in conservative areas too. For the past few years, the government is trying to ease restrictions on women like removing the ban on driving, easing rules that kept women beholden to the male guardian. Although the veto remains with men, the involvement of women has increased from 19% in 2016 to 33% last year.

  • Around 48% of Saudi women work in the retail sector.

  • Between the first quarter of 2017 and the end of 2018's third quarter, there was an increase of 20% in the sales sector.

  • Apart from this, the ministry of labor and social development also announced that it will provide more job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. The move will enhance empowerment and also reduce the chances of unemployment.

In addition to the above contribution made by women in the working sector, the Saudi government also mentioned that the participation of women should be highly appreciated because practically if half of the country's population will not contribute to the country's economy, then it will be wastage of manpower and will also question country’s sustainability.




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