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Medishala - Outreaching Medical facilities in rural Bihar

This story relates to 4 spirited young individuals and technocrats with a very strong entrepreneurial bent of mind - Suman Sourav, Rituraj Swamy, Mohammad Amanullah, and Prince Kumar of Patna city in the state of Bihar, India in 2014.

The 4 young men were friends at BIT Mesra, Patna Campus, and realized that they would like to address the factor of requests from people in rural Bihar asking them to e-book medical appointments in the capital of the state.

The recurrence of such calls led the 4 friends to grasp that there was an issue that needed to be solved with an opportunity of business. In 2019, they established the Patna-based Medishala, a web-based health-tech platform that helps to connect the patients in the heartland of Bihar to medical doctors and medical consultants.

“We aim to become a service that provides the best doctors online in Bihar, in India, especially in rural and semi-urban areas”, says Medishala Co-Founder Mohammed Amanullah.

What is Medishala’s digital clinic?

Healthtech startup Medishala affords two options: telemedicine amenities, which permit sufferers to seek the advice of physicians online from their houses, and a digital clinic, which permits sufferers to go to a close-by Medishala center the place attendants will help them join with medical doctors’ on-line utilizing IoT tools.

“Medishala is a revolutionary maiden concept for the state of Bihar, which empowers and enables the patients of the state to consult the best doctors online" – Co-Founder Suman Sourav states.

“The availability and quality of healthcare facilities in Bihar are, regrettably, in a very sorry state. People most affected by this underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure are those residing in the rural regions,” he provides.

There is one physician for every 17,685 individuals in Bihar, the state's Health Minister Mangal Pandey had revealed in Assembly replying to a question by RJD’s Akhtarul Islam Shaheen throughout Question Hour in 2018.

“Even though healthcare facilities in urban areas are arguably better, they are simply too far to be of much use to the rural population. Availability here does not do much to help accessibility. To make matters worse, rural areas are frequently devastated by floods, leading to scores of sick and even heavily injured, unattended patients,” Sourav says.

“The Medishala founders declare the start-up goals to assist folks in rural areas and bridge the nice urban-rural hole in the healthcare amenities. What makes Medishala stand out is genuine care for the ailing people in rural areas, mirrored by a cost-effective yet high quality of the facilities provided via telemedicine and video conferencing" – says Mohammed Amanullah.

With a staff of 25 folks, the Patna-based startup is at the moment dealing with 500 Daily Active Users (DAUs) and has greater than 350 doctor-partners and two digital clinics in Samastipur and Barahiya, each small districts in Bihar state.

The background story: The lack of superior healthcare in rural Bihar was evident to the 4 co-founders as they grew up.

Amanullah says there’s a lack of understanding about medical doctors and which of them to seek the advice of, with most individuals turning to medical consultants who are both well-known and beneficial by household and friends.

The 4 friends noticed that every one of them had been routinely experiencing this sample and felt that no startup was working to deal with this divide. This led them to analyze the well-being sector in 2017-18.

The outcomes had been appalling. Patients and relatives had to queue up in lines as early as 3 am for a doctor’s consultation, sometimes only to discover that the doctor wouldn’t be available. We found about 70 percent of patients visiting city hospitals come from rural areas and that majority of the patient base is deprived of essential health-related information and services.”

This became the problem statement, and the four friends and decided to create a healthcare platform that could bridge the gap for the rural population in Bihar. They decided on an app that could help people book doctor appointments, and Medishala went live by October 2019.

“Our aim to bring doctors to the people, instead of the other way around, is coupled with our intention to keep the process as simple and inexpensive as it can be,” Rituraj says.

Competition and the challenges: Medishala competes with the likes of Practo, 1mg, mfine, Docprime, CureFit, and Meddo to call several. However, Amanullah feels the actual competitors are “quacks, who are very prominent in rural Bihar”. “They charge Rs 500-600 for a consultation and are risking the lives of patients in rural areas with their malpractices,” he says.

He provides that not one of the gamers at the moment gives attention to the rural inhabitants and that Medishala differentiates itself by being a doorstep one-stop healthcare resolution available at a reasonably priced charge. “Patients who come to Medishala pay between Rs 60 to Rs 200”.

In phrases of challenges, Amanullah says the most important one has been to make undertake know-how, and make it adaptable and accessible. This is what led them to arrange Medishala Booking Centres in session with pharmacies.

Future business plans

Medishala, which was bootstrapped with Rs 20 lakh raised from friends and household, earns its income from consultations, transactions for medicines, lab assessments, insurance coverage, pathology, checkups, and association of ambulance companies.

The startup has clocked income to the tune of Rs 1 crore for FY21 and caters to a minimum of 500 every day lively customers every single day. The health tech startup is mentored by ex-Trivago India head Abhinav Kumar, who’s at the moment VP, Product Marketing, at Paytm; social entrepreneur Ranjan Mistry; and business consultants Sanjay Chakravarti, and Abhishek Singh.


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