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Marketing automation: the need of today

The art of marketing, isn’t something which is done once. It should be practiced on a continuous basis. One can think of marketing as the “eating and exercising” part of business. In any form of business, marketing is the key to success. We cannot expect to gain incredible results by just performing marketing activity once. Technology has opened a pandora’s box of opportunities in the marketing vertical. When talking about automation in real-estate or any other business sector, it works as a part of technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, all of which is done in an programmed manner. By enabling marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social and text. Messages are sent automatically here, according to sets of instructions called workflows. These workflows can be defined as templates, which are custom-built from scratch, or could be a modified version to achieve better results.

Technology has made our lives a lot easier today. In similar sense, technology allows us to create better and efficient strategies for marketing. It not only reduces manual workflows, but also saves a lot of time. It automates prospect follow-ups, enhancing engagement with the customers. As a result, it produces better opportunities with the prospects and increases sales conversion rates.

With this, let us understand a bit more about the benefits of marketing automation

The simplest benefit of automation is that it creates a momentum in the workflow. Moreover, when work flow is reduced, it provides more time to the marketer to spend their time on other important tasks, ultimately helping them to earn more. Other additional benefits of marketing automation can be mentioned as-

  • One can have a better control over their marketing goals and strategies, by using customer relationship management software or any other marketing tool. CRM software or Customer Relationship Management Software is said to be a tool that is designed to help an organization in offering their customers a unique and seamless experience, while at the same time, build better relationships by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions. Such tools also help in keeping track of sales, organizing and prioritizing the firm’s opportunities, and facilitating collaboration between various teams. A firm which is responsible for organizing different tasks can use such automation tools in creating smooth flow of operations.

  • Automation, automatically sends strategized content and informational resources to the leads or clients. Regulation of strategically laid content inclines the potential leads to reach out and perform business with the company.

  • Intelligent marketing tools offer a detailed insight into the audience. Such insights can be helpful in crafting a more personalized content, and a successful marketer knows that a tailored marketing content is often the key to success.

In order to get started with automation in marketing, the best way is to automate as many tasks as when can. A few of the tasks which can be automated are-

  • Automating the email marketing. For people who spend a lot of time creating email campaigns to send to their clients or potential clients, can consider setting up a system, which will automatically send emails to clients who have opted in.

  • Automating direct mail. Many real estate companies use printed materials to target their audience. While digital marketing works for this too, it has been found that physical mail provides with more leads. On an average, the open rate for emails in the real estate market is 19.17% only. On the other hand, 98% of people check their mailboxes daily. Therefore, in case of real estate companies, the efficiency of physical mail and email vary a lot. Automation of physical mail is easy, as direct mail companies cover all aspects of campaigns from printing to sending the materials.

But before getting started with marketing automation, it is better to strengthen the base. One can focus on growing their email list, develop a strong marketing plan and increase their reach. A strong email list can work wonders for the marketing ROI, allowing to send highly targeted messages to the interested clients. A strong email base can ensure that the automation plan will work out on its finest. Apart from this, having a marketing plan, before starting automation can help a lot. The plan should include your vision, goals and the strategies which the firm will use to achieve them. The marketing plan should also focus on measuring the progress towards the goal from time-to-time. This will make easier to allocate time and resources to things that are working, while cutting back on things that aren’t.

One of the best ways to maximize marketing ROI is by boosting social media presence. Social media is time-consuming. But even then, today’s times has made it one of the best platforms to connect with audience on a deeper level. Finding a right balance between spending time on the platform, and learning the values obtained from it, can ramp up the performance.

Marketing automation, is a definite game-changer. It not only saves time, but money too. Ours is the age of digitization, and it’s been long that we have accepted this. The recent years have taught us to work smartly, rather than focusing on working hard. Automation is one such tool, which allows this. Brining it, in the working environment will not only help in getting more calls and visits from the potential clients, but change the working atmosphere as a whole too.




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