Making money with Cryptocurrencies

You’ve heard all of the success stories – people making millions of dollars by getting in early

and selling when the prices are high. Or perhaps you have friends who make a steady

income by mining cryptocurrency.

Everyone gets into the cryptocurrency field to make money, but not all end up doing that. A

lot of people either simply give up along the way, or lose money because they do not

properly understand how to make money with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency industry

is still in its early stages of development. As the crypto-assets increase in price, more people

come into the industry. These newcomers are always trying to figure out how to make

money from cryptocurrency.

The good news is there are many ways of making money with cryptocurrency. Since 2011

there has been consistent growth in developer activity, social media activity, and the

number of start-ups created in the cryptocurrency industry.

Here we take a closer look at how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Can You Make Money with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can make money with cryptocurrency. Given the inherent volatility of crypto assets,

most involve a high degree of risk while others require domain knowledge or expertise.

Trading cryptocurrencies is one of the answers to how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Although the daily average volume of cryptocurrency trades is just 1% of the foreign

exchange market, there is a lot of volatility in the crypto market. So, there is the potential to

do short-term trades. Even though the crypto market is relatively small at the moment,

there is great growth potential. In addition to some of the more well-known cryptos like:














*Shiba Anu

Likewise, there are a host of crypto buying platforms like Binance, Coinbase,

and Robinhood — so you have plenty of options when it comes to making money with


Essentially, there are quite a few methods for you to make legitimate money with

cryptocurrencies, other than the obvious way of trading. 

Let’s take a look at 6 strategies for how to make money with cryptocurrency.

6 Strategies for Making Money with Crypto

If you are wondering how to earn money with cryptocurrency, look no further!  Strategies

for making money with crypto rely on three mechanisms: 

*Firstly, you can invest or trade in the crypto exchange market. You can do this

without owning any crypto yourself, like investing in gold on the stock market.

*Secondly, you can use the coin you already own to stake and lend coins to the

system or other users.

*Thirdly, you can participate in the blockchain system by mining or receiving coin

rewards for work done in the system. 

Based on these three mechanisms, here are the six strategies for making money with




*Staking and Lending

*Crypto social media


*Airdrops and Forks

Each of these strategies is explored in more detail below.


Investing is the long-term strategy of buying and holding crypto assets for some time.

Crypto assets are generally well suited to a buy-and-hold strategy. They are extremely

volatile in the short term but have tremendous long-term potential for growth.


The investing strategy requires you to identify more stable assets that will be around for the

long term. Assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been known to show a long-term price

increase and can be considered a safe investment in this regard. While investing is a long-

term endeavour based on the buy-and-hold strategy, trading is meant to exploit short-term


The crypto market is volatile. This means the prices of assets can increase and decrease in

price dramatically over the short term. 

To be a successful trader, you need to have the proper analytical and technical skills. You’ll

need to analyse market charts on the performance of the listed assets so that you can make

accurate predictions about price increases and decreases.  When trading, you can either

take a long or short position, depending on whether you expect the price of an asset to rise

or fall. This means you can make a profit regardless of whether the crypto market is bullish

or bearish.

Staking and Lending

Staking is a way of validating crypto transactions. If you are staking, you own coins but you

don’t spend them. Instead, you lock the coins in a cryptocurrency wallet. A Proof of Stake

network then uses your coins to validate transactions. You receive rewards for doing so. In

essence, you are lending coins to the network. This allows the network to maintain its

security and verify transactions. The reward you receive is similar to the interest a bank

would pay you for a credit balance.

The Proof of Stake algorithm chooses transaction validators based on the number of coins

you have committed to stake. This makes it’s much more energy-efficient than crypto

mining and does not require you to own expensive hardware. You can also choose to lend

coins to other investors and generate interest on that loan. Many platforms facilitate crypto


Crypto social media

Multiple blockchain-based social media platforms will reward you for creating and curating

content. You are often rewarded with the native coin of the platform.


Cryptocurrency mining is how to earn money with cryptocurrency like the original pioneers.

Mining is still a crucial component of the Proof of Work mechanism. It is where the value of

a cryptocurrency is generated. If you mine a cryptocurrency, you are rewarded with new

coins. To mine, you need technical expertise and upfront investment in specialized

hardware. Running a master node as a subset of mining. It requires expertise and significant

upfront and ongoing investment.

Airdrops and Forks

Airdrops and free tokens are distributed to generate awareness. An exchange might do an

airdrop to create a large user base for a project. Being part of an airdrop can get you a free

coin that you can then use to buy things or to invest or trade. A blockchain forks because of

changes or upgrades in a protocol that create new coins. If you hold coins on the original

chain, you will typically get free tokens on the new network. This means you get a free coin

because you were in the right place at the right time.

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