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Learning the ropes through trial and error as a start up entrepreneur

We get life’s critical lessons from Adrian Nita, a start up entrepreneur founder of The Mind Blow, a lifestyle website which provides purchase decisions by giving suitable information as content. These generally include buying guides and valuable reviews by clients.

The Mind Blown started as an online startup a year ago and is still pursuing a growth trajectory. Like any other business person they too made countless mistakes along the way.

The pointers below illustrate Adrian Nita’s practical philosophy of business moving away from our usual delusions as an entrepreneur.

1. Distribute

Whenever your business becomes too large you have two options, either you keep doing all the work by yourself or hire people who’d do it for you. While the first option gives more chances of making a blunder in your business, Adrian says, ”letting go is the mantra as it also provides a sense of responsibility to the employees as the business grows.”

2. Get Mentors – To lean on and learn from

This is a great way to avoid costly mistakes that might appear in any business at a particular point of time. It generates more contacts as mentors usually have a greater network with other people, hence providing a business growing opportunity.

3. The three golden rules

Referring to the company’s infrastructure mindset this rule focuses on the future readiness of the company.

a) Invest in the tools you require

A new startup often finds it difficult to invest on the necessary software and other requirements. Here the golden rule is that you invest in that software which provides a lifetime value instead of just focusing on its immediate effects.

b) Ignore the naysayers

“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.”- Joyce Meyer

Peers and strangers will often give a passive aggressive opinion about your business. Remember it is your business, not theirs. When you decided to start it, you were well aware of the risks it will bring along, but if you believe in something you should go and get it.

c) Find likeminded people for your team

If you have the right minded passionate people who are honed to skill sets of varied qualities and expertise, it gives your business the required direction and quicker results.




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