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Indian Agri-tech startups in the year 2021

Over the past years, we have seen that the contribution of the agriculture sector to the country’s GDP hasn't been promising. Even though there had been much technological advancement over the years we still cannot deny that people have been a bit skeptical about bringing technology to agriculture.

To improve this condition, many Agri-tech startups had been introduced in India. Agricultural technology, or Agri-tech, is the application of technology to produce more with less, to make the farming process more efficient, from field monitoring to the food supply chain itself.

These startups generally use cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and the internet of things to make it a data-driven business. A data-driven startup is dependable on the collection of data.

The five major data-driven Agri-tech startups that seem to provide a promising 2021 are mentioned below.

1. Fasal

· Based in Bangalore

· Founded in 2018

· Founders- Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari

· Uses an IOT sensor device called Fasal sense that continuously monitors farm data

· Relying on artificial intelligence and data science it calculates the on-farm predictions about diseases, pests and gives further recommendations to the farmer.

2. Clover

· Based in Bangalore

· Founded in December 2017

· Founders-AvinashBR, Gururaj Rao, Arvind Murali, and Santhosh Narasipura

· It partners with farmers and sells products through both business-to-business and business- to-consumer channels.

· It markets premium quality, branded, greenhouse-grown fresh produce

· Launched a new brand called DeepRootedCo in 2021; ensures a balance between farmers and consumers

3. Dehaat

· Based in Gurugram and Patna

· Founded in 2012

· Founders- Shashank Kumar, Manish Kumar

· An online marketplace provides wholesome agricultural services to the farmers

· Operates in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal

· Launched another start-up called Farm guide in 2016, an agri-tech startup committed to creating information symmetry in agriculture through ICT and data analytics techniques.

4. Intello labs

· Gurugram based

· Founded in 2016

· Founders- Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah, and Devendra Chandani

· Provides quality assessment of food commodities, using artificial intelligence, deep technology, and computer vision

· Has served companies like reliance fresh, dole, and ocean spray

5. CropIn

· Based in Bangalore

· Founded in 2010

· Founders- Krishna Kumar, Kunal Prasad

· EnablesAgri-enterprises and growers to maximize per-acre value.

· The company’s feature of smart-farm ensures in providing efficiency, sustainability, predictability, and productivity to the crop chains

· Other products of the company include smart-risk, smart-ware, and root--race




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