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Speaking to Noran El Bosseli, of BOSEYARD, Egypt

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I RETcon speaks to Noran El Bosseli, of BOSEYARD, a frontline, highly specialized and extremely successful Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Consultancy organization based out of Egypt. Together with her Partner, Noran has been working closely with a lot of Beauty & Cosmetics Sector Multinational Brands to guide them to set up a profitable and business in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Asia) region.

Noran is an expert in this sector with considerable experience; having worked with highly accomplished Brands in the EMEA region and is exposed to the business processes, market penetration, concentration, consolidation and expansion in this region. She has been blessed with an advantage to understand cross cultural business philosophy and ethics.

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Questions & Answers

1) We are extremely keen to know about your fascinating journey in a synopsis, hence kindly share the same with us.

My professional journey has been in the Health & Beauty Industry with exposure from multinational giant brand like L’Oreal, Dabur, Emami and Dutch Philips in the cosmetics business. This experience gave me extensive exposure of International business practices and approaches across the vast EMEA region, with focus on my home market which is Egypt. Over these years I have been able to build an extremely effective business network, the basis of which led me to establish my own business consultancy organization BOSEYARD. At BOSEYARD we help SMEs in the field of Health & Beauty at different stages to accelerate their growth locally & internationally.

2) What according to you have been the multiple key focal pointers in your career which have helped to build up the professional, as that you are now?

I must say that I was lucky to have been mentored by the best. My father, Ali El Bosseli , a Marketing guru of his field carried a rich journey of multinational pharmaceutical companies and a university professor at the American University in Cairo, he was my number 1 mentor. Mr. Moheb Kaiser, my first manager played a great role there too!

3) What personal factors have contributed to help shape up the stature of the professional that you are now? How have your basic and professional education helped you to reach this level?

I was raised up to be solution-oriented. It may sound cliché, but if every time somebody thought it cannot be done I had stopped or accepted that, we would not be having this conversation now.

4) It is a well known factor that for any successful professional, apart from the education, the personal and professional socio influences play a major role in characterizing the person, that he or she is, influencing the mind, the thought process and eventually the behavioral aspect of that person. How have these factors contributed to your persona?

For me, the most important aspect is a person’s value system. There are often times in a pressuring and highly competitive job market when a person’s values are in question. At these particular moments, one’s code of ethics is a lot more valuable than their set of skills or their resume.

5) I have seen that you have worked in important positions in Indian companies like Dabur India Ltd and Emami Ltd. How was your experience working for Indian brands?

I spent the most considerable portion of my career working with Indian brands. No one can deny that Indian companies have an exceptional ability to grow at high speed in highly competitive markets. The reasons behind that is their agility and unorthodox way of overcoming hurdles. I have also learned in these companies to have a highly analytical eye by which all decision-making happens whether large or small.

6) Being the iconic leader of the organization that you are today, how important is the team factor quotient to you? Are you a team person or the lone wolf, whose eventual interest is in the complete focus on the job and successful completion within deadlines and set parameters?

As a business leader, one must constantly communicate the vision to every team member. Each team member typically needs to fulfill their part and understand its impact on reaching the bigger goal. An individual effort will not be valuable unless it’s linked to the ecosystem and so, synergy in the entire team is an asset which every company should inculcate. A system oriented workplace and business facilitates smooth and fast flow of work, however on the other hand high emphasis on too many procedures paves the way to procrastination which hampers work. Hence, periodical assessment and overhauling of existing SOPs are mandatory in every organization.

7) What is the uniqueness of the organization that you are currently working for and where do you see your organization in this Industry?

Bosyard is a consultancy service organization specialized in Health & Beauty. My partner and I are true alumni’s of the leading multinational corporates. At Bosyard we merge our knowledge & experience with applicable business practices with digitization & innovation. We value data science and utilize the power; this digital age has granted us to our favor with the support of our clients. We see great potential in Indian brands and anticipate their power to alter the market dynamics. Our vision is for Bosyard to become a Health & Beauty business consulting organization with multiple services to both the consumer and the brand.

8) Kindly brief us about your current industry, vis a vis your organizational stature in the same.

The Beauty industry is one of a very unique nature to withstand global events. From Care to Cleansing & Styling no matter what’s happening in the world will continue to grow. Internal dynamics will reshape, however the industry has an adaptive nature. In the last decade we have witnessed the impact of digitization on the industry in different fronts, whether the sales chain, consumer involvement or even technology-driven tools & products. Again, thanks to social media, we have seen how beauty trends spread to impact consumer’s needs such as the Heat-Free trend among others. Indian brands have powerfully emerged as well, with great young minds & talents catering solutions and filling need gaps. At Bosyard the stirring force for us is “the consumer”. We cater for their patterns, needs and aspirations and utilize the latest technologies the industry offers us to deliver satisfactory results.

9) What is your lesson of development and growth to the current generation and the future aspirants who are entering this Industry?

These are some of the lessons one learned in the journey:

· Make sure you identify your key differentiating areas. Become thereafter as knowledgeable and strong as you can in these areas.

· Like-minded business partners have the ability to accelerate or slow your pace drastically.

· Before you rush with enthusiasm to try again, make sure you understood what went wrong last time, and address it this time in a different approach.

· The most valuable thing to find is a true talent.

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