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Collage of Social Activism

Updated: May 15, 2022

Recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award 2022 for exemplary work in the field of social welfare, Indian Achievers Award 2021 for stellar role at Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation for path breaking work, Top50 Business Growth Leader Award for taking a lead in ameliorating living standards of needy deserved ( BizzTalk World Conference 2022 ). GTA Appreciation Award ( Gyeonggi-do Taekwondo Association under Gyeonggi Province South Korea ,2018 ) for being he harbinger in introducing Taekwondo as a sport in eastern Part of India, bestowed with Appreciation Award for propagating awareness against killing treacherous habit of Tobacco in 2017 from Mahindra Finance, Rajib Chakraborty is a seasoned, gregarious, amiable, exemplary professional and philanthropist par excellence.

Rajib is also an out an out humanist striving hard to strike the right chord to making living

simpler for the hoi polloi who have so far led lives of isolation and segregation.

His outstanding contribution is to give voice to the dumbstruck, medical relief to the proscribed, ushering in change in reducing health hazards especially Dental hygiene and its related diseases. As an Ex Corporate Banker having wide repository of variegated experience in Domestic and International Banking services over a period spanning for more than 10 years, he wants to make judicious use of knowledge to ward off evil challenges of deprivation in our society and promote fraternity amongst masses. As under from it, he is credited with wide experience in administration and operations in Hospitality, Advertising, Agritech and Edutech industry for more than 14 years and he is adept in efficacious use of such plethora of exploration to make life easier. He took a giant leap to make a marked well orchestrated change in the lives of the hapless, hopeless BPL population when his brain child in the form of charitable Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation gestated and blossomed out in unobtrusive colors of multitudinous degree in the year 2014.

Rajib's pioneering work encompasses three verticals namely, eradication of the nefarious habit of smoking and spreading awareness about its deleterious impact, making premeditated provision for medical assistance to the underprivileged segment of our society mainly Dentistry so as to promote heath hygiene in subjugated minds and pro- actively participating in relief work for victims of natural disaster like in the recent past when home state got scorched ravaged by the inexplicable impact of Amphan Yash. These two natural calamities spawned untold misery suffering to thousands who were rendered marooned, sans food, potable water for many days succeeding such devastating cyclone. Rajib plans to associate himself with new verticals like skill development as promoted by Govt. of India for creation of new job opportunities for young impressionable minds by stressing on exploration of skill which can prove to be more efficacious than just bookish knowledge. Now it’s time to elevate upgrade the activity to the next level, however it’s not a path a single person can tread along or chart out. Any destination that sets out to address futuristic concerns can be enlivened if more and more people join in this buccaneer like journey together so that set deadline gets accomplished without much fuss, thus entreating all sundry to come forward and extend their help and invaluable support in any plausible kind, donation etc to walk the talk. Together we shall prevail, bliss will return and sanity will take charge.




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