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Bringing Great Customers to the front

Imagine this, you’re Checking-in at a premium hotel and the person checking-in right in front of you is one of those perpetually unhappy customers. He speaks loudly and rudely with the Hotel staff, asks for the best of service and is overall a nuisance. Once his check in is complete, he’s escorted to his room by a bell boy and you’re next.

You on the other hand is a perfectly nice customer, you wish the front desk a very good morning, check in, have a good stay and check out. During your stay, you received all the promised services in the right quality. Nobody was scared around your or managing you with kid gloves.

Going back to your check in experience, if you were to observe closely, you just might notice one of the staff members sending quick messages on his mobile, or maybe the front desk takes just a second longer to be with you because they were making a quick note in the system.

What happened here is that a “Red” customer was flagged off. Now everyone from Reception – Banquet – Housekeeping and so on knows that there is a certain customer who needs to be “Handled with care”.

From now till the end of his or her stay, this customer will get special attention to make sure he or she doesn’t create noise or spoil the atmosphere of the hotel.

This is a common practice in hospitality, airlines, restaurants etc. Different organizations use different tools ranging from a “dot” near the name in printed list, to unofficial messages in the group to well-designed workflows in the CRM system.

While the practice is common, the industries unknowingly take good care of the noisy customers while the ones who are actually nice often go unnoticed and unrewarded. It’s prevalent to the extent that one of my managers once suggested this as a hack to enjoy good service.

While we take care of every kind of customer that comes in, what if we could have a way to identify and reward the good customer.

Imagine that you are one such service provider, a hotel, an airline etc. If you have the analytics of customers who are good to you, customers who are polite to your teams, customers who talk positive about you on social media, you could create additional rewards for such customers for their loyalty. Imagine a system to give loyalty rewards to customers not just for their dollars but for their loyalty towards your business. The best people to give this information are those on the frontlines of an enterprise’s service. Front desk, field staff, crew members, etc.

Let’s enable our front liners to rate customers. We have the tools to use the intelligence gathered from the field and use it for better customer experience. Let’s create an environment to promote positivity and mutual respect.

We’re already seeing similar concept with some taxi aggregators where they rate me as a customer at the end of a ride, however, I haven’t seen any reward coming back to me for being a “nice” customer.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring our best customers to the front and give them the special treatment they deserve?

We at CX@BGSW are working on the future of customer engagement using the latest and best technologies available.

If you would like to know more about how to bring your Greatest Customers to the front, or just discuss an idea, we would love to connect with hear you out.




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