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Aakash Anand, CEO of Bella Vita Organic, on start-up tips and on building brands instead of running

Aakash Anand, founder, and CEO of Bella Vita Organic tells young entrepreneurs not to chase startup funding.

Bella Vita Organic is one of the most successful startups in India, outselling well-known skincare brands on retail platforms. In this interview, Aakash tells young entrepreneurs why they should not chase startup funding and to stay honest and stay patient.

Aakash is a graduate from Northumbria University in MBA – Marketing, he was associated with Qdesq as the Head of Business & Expansion. Previous to Qdesq, he was heading India’s largest channel partner network in the real estate space – SquareConnect (Square Yards).

Bella Vita Organic or ‘The Good Life’ was originally founded by a mother and daughter duo, Mrs. Anju Anand and Miss Aashima Anand. And, they have dedicatedly brought into being, handcrafted and organic beauty solutions, inspired by the natural elements of the earth and ancient beauty practices. At an initial stage, the products were made at home until a manufacturing unit was established in the year 2017. Aakash joined the Bella Vita Organic family in July 2018. And, eventually, the retail front online was brought into being.

The brand aims to bring organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free products and services into being and revive an age-old natural way of life inspired by the most beautiful, unadulterated, and holistic natural elements of the earth.

Before forming the brand Aakash’s mother and sister used to run a salon in the year 2012 with the name Bella Vista organic salon, and they were renowned for their home-made products and treatments. In 2017 they started manufacturing organic natural gels, creams, and hair treatments.

They started getting a phenomenal response from their customers of the salon and then they came up with this idea of packaging the products with a brand name and started retailing the brand. With Aakash joining the business the products were put up on the online platform and they started building the brand as Bella Vita Organic.

The brand is retailed on every platform available globally, from Amazon, India to Amazon, UK, Amazon America, our website, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purple, etc.

Aakash says, “a lot of startup entrepreneurs want it in this way like…… I’ve been in a position where I’ve had an organization, I’ve had a startup, got it funded, sold it to a company, made a lot of money. But instead of that, the value that you achieve by running your own company in a bootstrapped way and making it profitable is far better than getting an investor on board".

And the biggest problem is that if an investor invests in your company, more than you focus on your work, on development, on innovation, you only focus on creating graphs, excel sheets, forecasting expenses.

And that's where 90% of your time goes away. And that's why a lot of great companies who were doing well, and a quick growth was happening before they got funded, actually lose the plot.

Because, then, the company does not get run by you, but it gets run by the people who are controlling it. Grow your company, like your father or your grandfather would have grown it back in the day. Imagine it’s a shop, right? It’s all about getting your customers in it, treating them well and managing your expenses, and making ends meet. That's how the journey should be.


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